Housing Options

2017 Summer Intensive Information Coming Soon

Option 1

Through a special arrangement with the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, the Conservatory reserves a bloc of studio apartments every summer in the handsomely-decorated and well-maintained residence hall known as McAllister Tower (photos of which are shown in the slideshow above) for those of our students interested.

These apartments, which students are paired up to share, have panoramic city views, private bathrooms and fully-functional kitchenettes (please see FAQs for more details). Less than a 10-minute walk from the Conservatory’s dance studios, McAllister Tower is appointed with several, very comfortable common areas, a well-equipped gym (which none of our students are likely to need!), and high-quality washing machines and dryers. Our students have been very happy with the accommodations.

The Conservatory provides on-site Resident Advisors (RAs) to monitor the whereabouts and well-being of all students residing in McAllister Tower. Whenever under-aged students (ie. under 18) leave the Tower, they are always accompanied by either a RA or adults designated by the students’ parents/guardians.

SFCD Policies regarding students residing in the McAllister Tower

Costs per student

Rent for shared apartment:

  • $1,068 for 4 weeks (plus refundable $200 security deposit)
  • $1,600 for 6 weeks (plus refundable $200 security deposit)
  • $2,136 for 8 weeks (plus refundable $200 security deposit)
  • $2,668 for 10 weeks (plus refundable $200 security deposit)
  • $185 Resident Advisor Admin fee (required of all students residing in McAllister Tower)

Optional Dinner Plan

As the U.C. Hastings cafeteria is closed during the summer, the Conservatory has arranged with a caterer to provide nutritious, well-balanced, hot dinners, served daily in McAllister Tower’s top-floor Sky Room exclusively for those of our students who opt for this plan.

  • $390 for 24 dinners
  • $780 for 48 dinners

(Note: The dinner plan will not begin until Sunday, June 12. From then on, dinners will be
served every day except for the days of our BBQs and the last two days in the theater)

For more information about McAllister Tower and the optional dinner plan please contact Sarah Woods at sarah@sfconservatoryofdance.org or (415) 309-7450.

Other Options

For those out-of-town students age 18 or over who wish to be more independent there are a number of residence hotels to investigate. While we take no position as to recommending them or not, a few that we are aware of include the Vantaggio Suites, The Kenmore, and the Monroe Residence Club.