Dancing with the Fullness of Myself

— Stance on Dance, March 10, 2014
“Like so many little girls, I wanted to be a ballet dancer. This desire did not fade as I approached adulthood, but grew in intensity …”
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A Different Breed of Ballet Teacher

— Dance Teacher Magazine, January 2010
"How creative can you be with vegetables?” Summer Lee Rhatigan asks a class of advanced ballet students, midway through barre exercises. “I could write 50 ways to use an onion ... "
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SF Conservatory’s New SoMa Studios, an Expanded Vision for Ballet Education

— inDance, July/August 2009 issue
“Summer Lee Rhatigan has just opened a ballet school without mirrors. They teach Gaga. It’s like neo-Europe over there…”
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A Summer of Forsythe, Kylián, and Naharin

— Dance Magazine, January 2009
“On a July afternoon, 22-year-old Victoria Canelos rested…”
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San Francisco Conservatory of Dance announces William Forsythe Project

— ExploreDance Online Magazine, January 2007
The S.F. Conservatory of Dance is one of the nation’s youngest premier schools providing dancers with excellent classical training as well as tools with which to nurture their artistic voice and effectively express their point of view. It is noteworthy … ”
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The Summer Intensive workshop hooks up young dancers with pros to deepen craft and learn the twists, turns and joys of dance life

— SF Gate (San Francisco Chronicle), July 2005
“… dances were performed with absolute concentration and clarity... an exquisite mixture of groundedness and spirituality... compelling!”
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