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San Francisco Conservatory of Dance
301 Eighth Street #205
San Francisco, CA 94103
Telephone: 415-309-7450

Summer Lee Rhatigan, Artistic Director
Telephone: (415) 309-9419

Marlie Couto, Assistant to the Artistic Director

Morganne Mazeika, Student Services Administrator
Telephone: 415-309-7450

Megan Kurashige, Marketing
Telephone: (415) 640-7009

Lanny Berenson, Executive Director
Telephone: (415) 602-0845

Former Administrative Staff Members

Note: SFCD wishes to acknowledge these talented individuals (all SFCD alumnae) for their invaluable contributions to the Conservatory's general success. We are very pleased to report that they all continue to distinguish themselves in their various pursuits.

Caitlin Hafer

Erin Craig

Julia Cost

Julia Hollas

Maggie Stack

Sarah Woods-Ladue

Shannon Leypoldt

Virginia Reinert