Due to the difficulty of acknowledging all of the various contributors to this website wherever their contributions appear, this page is meant to generally acknowledge their contributions—for which we are very appreciative.

Photo Credits

  • Rapt Productions (performance photos)
  • Andrea Basile (performance and other photos)
  • Elazar Harel (Malinda LaVelle & Project Thrust photos)
  • Tsuyoshi Nakajima (Alessio Silvestrin photos)
  • Marty Sohl (Summer Lee Rhatigan photos)
  • Gadi Gadon (Bobbi Smith photos)
  • Note: the more pedestrian photos on the website were taken by our amateur in-house photographers who will go un-named

Performance Videography

Rapt Productions

Video Editing for Website

Jim Spadoni (much appreciated in-kind donation)

Graphic Design for Website

Jon Griffin

Original Website Programming / Construction

Gary Betz, Foresight Web Design, 916-521-8627


Jonathan Riese